Awesome Gaming Video: You won't believe how bad PUBG screwed me.. | PUBG by Scary if Literal

Sometimes, a good piece of gaming content is based on a single thing. This could be a joke, funny moment, insanely difficult in-game feat or anything like that. At other times, the same content is excellent because it showcases many cool moments and elements that blend together perfectly.

In the case of Scary if Literal YouTube channel, their recent PUBG video is the ideal example. In this clip, you’ll be able to see what was supposed to be one short match before bedtime evolve into something really unique and then ultimately weirdly frustrating, but in a very entertaining way. Check out the entire video right here:
Of course, this excellent PUBG video is a good representation of the channel as well. It is run by Shane, Jessi and Jacob, three friends where two of them are married as well. This trio is into a range of different things, including tech reviews and showcases, but also plenty of gaming. They play, besides PUBG, also some Rocket League, Green Hell, Valorant and so much more.

While this blend of different subjects might be unusual, it is working for Scary if Literal crew. That is why they already have  a range of popular clips, including one that racked up over 150,000 views. The total sum of their views is super-close to 600,000, while their sub count is equally close to hitting that magical 1k number. All of this was achieved by nothing more than hard work, passion for gaming and tech and a willingness to share those with the world.

If you’d like to support these amazing group of friends, follow them on Twitter and Twitch. First, however, get over to Scary if Literal YouTube channel and subscribe to more great gaming and tech content to come!