Awesome Gaming Video: Meme Highlights || Stream funnies || call of duty warzone by P3nguinzzzz Gaming

Being funny is not something you can quickly learn or take on as a personality trait just because you want. Instead, it has to have both a natural basis for it and a willingness to work on that gift. Jake is the name of the gamer and content creator behind P3nguinzzzz Gaming YouTube channel and Twitch stream. He has both, as you can see in his montage video from a range of Call of Duty: Warzone matches he played. Check out the whole hilarious video right here:
There are many awesome elements in the clip, but for me, one comment Jake makes in passing takes the cake. At one point, he says:

Thanks, Call of Duty, I always wanted a Legendary crossbow in my life!

This is something that anyone who plays Warzone or any other battle royale with loot can relate to. Also, there are many more rated-M humor and funny moments like that in his content.

It’s also impressive to learn that Jake is a husband and father, who somehow finds the time and energy to regularly create awesome content. Furthermore, he has his Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and even a Merch store up and running, which shows that he’s also ready to cover everything a gaming content creator needs to succeed.

If you want to support him on his gaming creation journey and get a few laughs out of it, follow him on Twitch and subscribe to his P3nguinzzzz Gaming YouTube channel.