Awesome Gaming Video: Lowlifes Discord Moments by Hexlrr

If you’re easily offended - trust me here - this video is not for you. It features a bunch of friends cracking jokes over a Discord call and supplementing them with gifs and images to add a bit of further flavor into what is a very flavored mix already.

This is why they discuss things like the existence (or non-existence) of serial bottles (which are bottles where you keep your serial), Canadian accent, and the moment when you figure out that your black friend is actually black. Check out the entirety of this Discord-based insanity right here - if you dare:
If you made it through the end, you’re either preparing to call the paramedics, cops and the fire department, or you just might have found a channel you’ll become hooked to! The humor and the tempo of the Hexlrr and the gang approach is not for everyone, but there’s a glimmer of great things to come in there as well, especially if you’re into sharp jokes with a lot of weird elements.

To get to know all of them a bit more, follow the Lowlifes on Discord, but also check out the Hex Airlines server as well. For this content creator and gamer, follow his Twitter and Instagram. Lastly, subscribe to his Hexlrr YouTube channel for many similarly terrible and great things to come!