Awesome Gaming Video: Insane 1 vs 4 clutches Montage by Mesh Gaming PUBG MOBILE

Every PUBG Mobile player knows all too well just how unpredictable and dynamic this game can be. However, Meshal from the Mesh Gaming YouTube channel created a montage that amazingly showcases this fact. The video presents a series of 1 vs 4 situations where that lone player managed to pull an incredible clutch victory.

The situation depicts almost any imaginable scenario, from long-range sniper takedowns to clutches that brilliantly use vehicle positioning (or devastate the opponent team inside a vehicle) and go all the way to burst-fire showdowns that take place only meters apart. All of this is followed by a great soundtrack that only ramps up the energy in this already pumped-up clip. Enjoy the entire video right here!
Clearly, Meshal is not just a veteran PUBG Mobile player, but also a talented content creator. Besides, his dedication to playing great matches and creating great content is also apparent - in one part of the video, you can see his setup - Meshal uses a structure where he plays on a mobile device (his preferred is the iPhone 11 Pro Max), but has gaming headset on and also uses an external microphone to record audio as well. This is a professional-level of setup for sure.

At the same time, he’s also building a great community around his content. He is very appreciative of every new fan and interaction, while at the same time asks from them to first and foremost be respectful. This is an excellent community foundation for any up-and-coming content creator out there.

If you enjoy PUBG Mobile and amazing battle royale action, Meshal is a person you have to follow on his Facebook Fan page and Instagram. But, before you do any of that, subscribe to his Mesh Gaming YouTube channel right now for many more amazing videos to come.