Awesome Gaming Video: Hail of blades on VAYNE ADC is BUSTED (Vayne bot gameplay) by King Carry

If you’d like to get a quick and super-accurate description of the King Carry YouTube channel, the best way would be to see what its owner and operator has to say. In its About section, he simply states this:

My mission is to bring you some quality and dank gameplay.

He promised high-quality and dank gameplay. Now, he delivers the very same, just as high-quality and even more dank that some of you might want to see. To showcase this point, just check out his latest video Hail of blades on VAYNE ADC is BUSTED. You can see the entirety of this glorious gaming dankness right here:
Yes, the video shows that King Carry is a veteran-level League of Legends player. However, he’s also dead-set on creating amazing gaming content that anyone can enjoy. To do this, he’s using some next-level editing and video/audio meshing skills.

This includes references to things like Will Farrell from Old School, Spongebob snippets, meme videos, meme video/audio segments, and many more things that will fry your brain in the best possible way. All the while, he’s also doing voices, improvising and adding jokes, adding more flavor to this LoL gaming insanity. It goes without saying that all of this includes a lot of very non-PG-13 moments, so beware!

Right now, King Carry is close to 600 subs on his channel, but this is criminally low for this level of creator effort, clip quality and, yes, overall dankness. If you love League of Legends and you want to change this near-historic wrong, subscribe to his King Carry YouTube channel right now and enjoy the madness and the humor from this unique gaming content creator! Also, don’t forget this additional fact from his About page:

As you know, I love you guys!

How could you not sub to a person who clearly loves you very much?!