Awesome Gaming Video: GDG Apex Legends Highlight Video Season 5 Week 4!!! by Goat Dog Gaming

It's always great to see a group of friends and gamers assemble around a shared purpose. The Goatdog Gaming or GDG is such a collective of gamers who are into Apex Legends and content creation. Of course, saying they are into Apex is a huge understatement.

In fact, they play on an incredibly high level, which includes some amazing and very deadly encounters. To see ample evidence of this, check out their video called GDG Apex Legends Highlight Video Season 5 Week 4!!! You can watch the whole 11-plus minutes of Apex Legends goodness right here:
If you ever even tried this battle royale game, you can immediately see just how good they are. The kills alone are a testament to this: from Wingman single-shot kills to R-391 full-auto takedowns and Kraber insane-distance sniper dropping of foes, this highlights video has it all.

Clearly, the GDG crew knows their stuff. Also, the channel will feature a full gaming stream, all focusing on Apex Legends played on the PS4. Also, the GDG YouTube already has a tight schedule, which is great to hear with any content creators just starting up. Mondays are for their highlights compilation, while Thursdays feature full gameplay videos. Lastly, the first Saturday of a month will showcase a collection of clips from, as the GDG says, “the cutting room floor”.

If you’re an Apex fan, follow the Goatdog Gaming on their official Twitter account. Before you do, however, make sure you subscribe to their Goat Dog Gaming YouTube channel right now!