Awesome Gaming Video: The Diamond Casino Heist - Silent & Sneaky - 2 Players (Undetected + Hard Mode + No EMP) GTA Online

What makes a perfect GTA Online walkthrough video? Maybe it’s one that covers The Diamond Casino Heist? Also, could it possibly also include two players, in an undetected heist played on Hard Mode and one without the use of the EMP? Lastly, could it also come with a successful taking of 3,301,116 USD? I’d say yes to all of that and that’s what the content creator at Shablulsky YouTube channel also did.

The result? An incredible 25-minute video of pure GTA Online gaming goodness and something that will undoubtedly help many players struggling at this mission. Here is the entire glorious video right here for your viewing pleasure:
As you can see, the video is a sublime presentation of a perfect gaming walkthrough video. What’s more, it’s also an amazing piece of content creation - I personally never even tried GTA Online and yet I watched the entire clip, from start to finish. It works as a great heist movie, especially the thrilling ending with its car escape and awesome music that follows it. Of course, the game is clearly excellent as well, but it is up to content creators like Shablulsky to recognize and present that to the wider audience.

Right now, the channel where the video is located is brand new. Its main focus is precisely GTA Online and its how-to videos on it will be true lifesavers for many stuck gamers. At the same time, I’d love to see Shablulsky try out making content in other games as well, so hopefully, that happens in the future eventually.

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