Awesome Gaming Video: BEST OF GLIBWINGS

There's a huge value in a gaming content creator, making the ultimate showcase of what they do on their channels. In theory, a channel trailer should be something like that, but occasionally, the content creators go the extra distance as GlibWings did.

On his GlibWings YouTube channel, you can see an epic, 30-minute long montage of all that he's into, including old Legend of Zelda games, Drago Ball Z titles and so much more. Watch the entire impressive video - which likely took ages of hard editing work until it was done, right here:
Among other things, the video showcases the determination and commitment of this gamer. GlibWings is into a range of titles, but as his montage shows, he’s very interested in retro and classic games, especially from Nintendo and PlayStation 2 releases. However, unsurprisingly, GlibWings is also very much into drawing, singing, and even video game programming.

The same applies to different content creation genres like skits, indie films, and even original memes. For me, this fits completely with his gaming venture, being that he clearly has a strong drive to create things. The same shines through in his videos as well. All of that vibes perfectly with his one mantra:

Play Hard!
Take Flight!

When it comes to content creation style, he’s very chill and natural in his presentation. He sees himself as quiet and shy, but there’s none of that reserved feeling in his content.  That’s also great to see because it shows once again how gaming and making gaming videos help with allowing yourself to grow as a person. 

Besides a YouTube channel, GlibWings also has a Twitter, Twitch stream and a Merch store, so be sure to check these out. Finally, however, don’t forget to both play hard and take flight and subscribe to his GlibWings YouTube channel right now!