Awesome Gaming Content Creator: J-Dawg Gaming

Even though gaming content has been around for decades, it is still a field that keeps surprising. J-Dawg Gaming is a content creator who offers one such surprise with his videos. His main focus is meme gaming clips and if you never heard of the team, here is one way to explain it: imagine a regular gaming video that features running commentary created by the internet itself.

More precisely, all of the intensely funny, weird, and bizarre parts of the internet, including popular songs, viral videos, celebrity clips, old and semi-forgotten memes, parts of other games, blue-screen cutouts of people (and gaming characters) dancing and so much more. In short, a total madness of gaming, pop-culture and all imaginable types of humor.

While it might seem a bit hard to digest as a concept, it's actually something that flows incredibly well if done right. J-Dawg is a creator who more than has what it takes to make this mind-blowing genre of gaming videos work. To prove this point, check out his latest clip (which uses Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as the basis) called "Clean Up on Aisle 9 | Modern Memefare.exe'' right here!
As you can see, this brain-melting format works phenomenally well here, offering something like Gaming Humor 2.0. While not all might like it, those who do - I’m certain - will absolutely love it. J-Dawg seems like the ideal person for this kind of content, but he’s also planning on doing walkthroughs, commentary, and video reviews in the future. I’m sure he can pull this off as well, being that he’s clearly super-passionate about gaming.

Also, I’m betting that live streaming will not be far off, being that he already has his Twitch stream setup and also has the ideal companion for that - his dog name Carli. The two of them already seem like an ideal blend for some awesome live streaming sessions.
If you love mad gaming humor and you’re interested in keeping tabs with this promising content creator, follow him on his Facebook Fan page, Instagram, TikTok, and even reach out through email. But, first of all, subscribe to his J-Dawg YouTube channel and start following him on Twitch!