Æxpression - Exciting New Mobile Fantasy Adventure

There's plenty of things that Æxpression brings to the table of mobile adventure gaming. First of all, it's a fantasy title that is set in a very rich and lovingly developed world. In it, 300 years ago, the Great War created a huge calamity that cost the lives of the First-born from which the rest of the mortal races were born. Now, the same world is on the edge of total destruction, hinging on the player to change things for the better. Check out the game's trailer right here:
Besides the story and nice low-poly 3D visual style, Æxpression offers a unique gaming mechanic where the players use the so-called World of Power to cast spells, but where they can also create their own magic formulas. To figure them out, the players will have to use the game's website and its detailed lore to find the right words and use them for the right effect. Furthermore, the same words will be usable through the voice-to-text function, so that the players will be able to actually say the same things on their phone. This is a very simple yet brilliant idea that will allow players to immerse themselves in a mobile game like nothing before. If done right, this feature alone is going to be the hit-making element of the game.
When it comes to its distribution, the game will be completely free on Android once it comes out. It will also, refreshingly, feature no in-game purchases and the players won't be able to use their credit cards to breeze through the game. This, like everything else about Æxpression, showcases a huge dedication of the creators to the actual game and the experience it provides.
Presently, the game is closing in on its beta testing phase and nearing the ultimate moment of release. Anyone who is into RPG, fantasy, and adventure gaming, as well as those who love unique and engaging mobile games, should follow its development closely. To do the same, visit the game's website and stay in touch with its development on the Æxpression Facebook Fan page!