Xasha12 Link - The Ultimate Oculus Quest Headset Cable Connector

Virtual reality gaming is often only as good as the gear and accessories that a gamer uses. This is especially true for the crucial connection between the headset and the computer that is running any VR game. Now, in the case of the Oculus Quest VR Headset, anyone can find the perfect solution for that task. It comes in the form of Xasha12 Link, a USB Type-C cable that provides the ideal combination of performances, quality, and durability. Check out this promo video for the same must-have gaming VR element:
Numerous advantages come with using the Xasha12 Link. The cable can be up to 16 feet or five meters in length, giving the players all the space they need to enjoy popular Steam games like Pavlov VR. The cable also offers lighting speeds that go up to 5GB per second, along with a reliable and stable connection. This will leave any game completely lag and glitch-free.

When it comes to the cable’s durability, it is second to none: it uses fiber-optic tech, as well as a bold-wire core and a 56k pull-up resistor. This makes Xasha12 Link last up to five times longer than any comparable cable product out today. Finally, the cable comes with a crew-locking connector that provides a secure link while synching, playing, or charging the device.

At the same time, even with all of these benefits, the process of using this cable is remarkably simple. If you’re a VR gamer using Oculus Quest, the importance of this product should be crystal-clear to you. To learn more about it, follow Xasha12Link on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Then, check out its website and see how you can use the free worldwide shipping option to get it and then move your VR gaming to the next level!