The Path to King - YouTube Narrative Radio Story

If you, like me, love fiction, it means that you also love stories in all their shapes and forms. The Path to King is a new project on the protector_6 YouTube channel, which represents a form of storytelling that had its heyday more than half a century ago in the golden age of radio. However, today projects like this show that there is much more to be gained from this format. In its essence, The Path to King is a Kpop story set in an ancient kingdom in crisis, following a crown prince. Check out all the three episodes that came out so far right here!

As you can see, the project is clearly a work of passion, but it also includes high audio production values like ambient sounds, music (as well as Kpop hits), and different voices. Its author has a range of content on his channel (including a lot of gaming videos) and a range of interest (besides, gaming and Kpop, there is also sports and history). Also, he is obviously no stranger to video and audio production, as well as someone who has an enormous drive to create. Thanks to that, it's no wonder that the results are pretty impressive.

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