Indie Spotlight: Moonlit the Game (Indie Retro Platformer)

Having the ability to follow a game that is under development in each of its phases is a beautiful thing. This is precisely what Moonlit the Game offers on its Instagram account! Here, you can stay in the loop with every step of the game’s development, from art and animation to individual gaming mechanics and even some amazing boss fights.

In its core, Moonlit is a dynamic retro platformer game. It offers a lot of action, as many Instagram videos already show, as well as hold numerous unique mechanics. These include the ability of the player character to morph into a werewolf at night time. 
Right now, you can easily see that the game is well in its final phases of development and that it should be ready pretty soon. Also, if nothing else, its art style that is both rich in detail and full of that good old retro vibe should be interesting for all players of platformers. If you are among them, or if you are interested in indie game development, follow Moonlit the Game on its official Instagram page, and don’t forget to check out the game when it comes out!