Indie Spotlight: Minami (Demo)

Any mystery-based work of art, no matter if it's a novel, movie, or a video game, has to rely on a strong and intriguing premise. In the case of the indie game Minami, this catchy premise lies in the interpersonal relationship between Takehito and Minami, a seemingly perfect couple and their friend Eiichi. However, tormented by a string of failed relationships, Eiichi decides to figure out how these two have such a harmonious romance, only to find that Minami is not actually Takehito's girlfriend.

As an indie game Minami has an interesting approach. First of all, its author is RAGyuo through izanami paradox. This game developer is deeply involved in a range of creative ventures, including being a Vocaloid producer, professional D.Va player, artist, and animator. This diverse background is clear in the game's targeting a wide group of potential players, including fans of the Japanese dating sims and mystery adventures as well. The Japanese gaming industry influence is also seen in the visuals of the game, especially character design.

Presently, the game is in the demo mode that is available on, while the full game will come with VA lines, new art, ED/OP, mini-games, and the complete story of this mysterious love triangle. So, if Minami sounds like something you’d like to try out, check out its official page and also visit RAGyuo Patreon page to support this artist there as well!