Indie Showcase: ZooQ: Animal Explorer

It doesn’t take a lot more than a casual glance on the ZooQ: Animal Explorer App Store page to see that this game development debut is something extraordinary. Made by the Egowall Kids development team, this is their first published title and it seems like a potential home run in the casual and educational niches. In its essence, the game showcases a merger of an interactive system (based on the real natural habitats and the animals that live there) and engaging puzzle challenges.
As the name of the title suggests, ZooQ allows the players to explore numerous animal species, covering both domestic and farm ones, as well as those creatures that live in the wild. Here’s where the game shows off its strongest side: its visual style and overall quality of the art. The game provides highly-detailed renditions of animals and the places they live, no matter if these are dense woods or farmland pastures.

At the same time, ZooQ: Animal Explorer is still a game, so the players will be able to complete puzzles and thus earn coins, which are used to further unlock the progress in the game. With it, they also access more new habitats and their animals. With 10 fully-made living environments and over 50 3D animals, the game offers a lot of chance discovery and exploration.

Throughout all of the gameplay and learning of facts (more than 260 different ones for all species), the game offers something less tangible but still very real: a sense of tranquillity. This stems from a merger of great graphics, smart design, and a focus on the natural world, which in itself offers a much-needed piece of calmness that is so needed in the world today.

To experience it for yourself or get it for a curious child in your life, try out ZooQ: Animal Explorer right now for free by downloading it at the Apple App Store!