Game Dev Republic - Your One-Stop-Shop for Starting your Game Development Adventure!

Game development seems like one of the most interesting ventures anyone can embark upon. This stems from the fact that making games mostly is an amazing process! Creating video games comes with a huge number of challenges, but also an immeasurable amount of fun, which can turn into some serious profits and even a lifelong career. For anyone looking to begin their own game dev adventure, there is an ideal YouTube channel that can help immeasurably with those vital first steps.

Its name is Game Dev Republic and it represents a group of industry professionals and game dev veterans with a range of collective experience. Their skills include game design, asset creation, character shaping, and general game development, along with many more crucial industry experiences. To see their level of expertise, check out the channel's take (and the first video in a coming series) on the Unreal 5 vs Unity 2020 debate:
As you can see, Game Dev Republic clearly showcases that essential mixture of experience, knowledge, and curiosity that is crucial for anyone entering game development. Yet, the channel showcases many more videos just like that. If you're interested in making your games and exploring the wondrous world of game dev, follow them on their Twitter account to stay up-to-date with all of their latest projects.

Of course, to figure out which game engine is the best solution for 2020 and many more in-depth instructional videos about the development of games, subscribe to the Game Dev Republic YouTube channel right now! It very well might be the first step you take towards creating your first great game!