First Look: Urban Tale RPG (Steam) Review

Creating an indie RPG title with a twist is something that many game development studios around the world are trying in recent years. After all, the role-playing niche is anything but small and many players, sooner or later, want to get a break from either the fantasy, post-apocalyptic, or cyberpunk settings in which most action-focused RPG titles are set. Yet, making an indie RPG that features no combat mechanic is neither easy nor simple in terms of gameplay features. Add to that the fact that this genre needs to be both emergent and possess a large level of complexity, and you can see just how big of a challenge that is for any developer.

However, it seems that PIKSLI, a game development team from Slovenia managed to do just that. They made Urban Tale and with that, created an indie RPG that will quickly click with any players of this genre. The premise of the game is simple: you are a person in a big city who needs to survive there. However, instead of fighting anyone, you need to do what most of us are doing: find opportunities, get jobs, complete chores, eat, drink, rest, and so forth. If you read something like this, you probably think about games like the Sims or Second Life. Yet, Urban Tale is not a simulator in the strict sense of the word.

Instead, wraps you in an emergent lifelike experience where you begin with nothing and gradually work your way up in a big city. Visually, the game features a late-era classic JRPG design, where you move through the same grand urban location and its numerous businesses, restaurants, apartments and so on in an isometric perspective. This is where the game’s polished pixel art style comes to the forefront as one of the strongest hooks for new players - simply put, the game looks great. From the smallest details to the overall look and feel of the Urbane Tale game, it’s clear that some talented people worked on it.

Presently, the game is in Early Access on Steam and the developers are working to polish it. While the basic foundations are there, it would be great to see this continue to grow into something very impressive for an indie RPG. The final release could see the game evolve into a landmark title for this genre. So, be sure to check out Urban Tale on Steam if you’re an RPG fan who likes to be surprised!