Crazy Royal Solitaire - Fascinating PvP Blend of Poker and Solitaire

When it comes to game design, some of the best ideas of all time came from taking two games that work great and combining them into something new and exciting. Then, if you manage to add another element on top of that, there should be no doubt that you'll have a successful game. This is precisely what Crazy Joker Studios did with their Crazy Royal Solitaire - they combined two very famous and very different card games. One is the regular Solitaire, while the other is Poker. While both are familiar to all card game players, their merger provides something completely new.

In practice, the same combo opens up a whole new world of combination and tactics, as players employ Solitaire elements to draw cards to create their Poker hands. This creates an easily understandable system that is able to attract interest in people quickly.

Here also comes the last big element that Crazy Joker Studios added - player versus player environment. This game of skill is played against other human opponents, allowing anyone to test their abilities and strategies in this novel card-based setup. Throughout all of this, the game of Crazy Royal Solitaire is aided by great and very minimalistic design. With clean and clear graphics for any device that can run it, as well as a super-functional UI, new players can get into the game in a matter of minutes.

With a simple but brilliant concept, elegant design, and a constant stream of challenges, Crazy Royal Solitaire is a must-try for all fans of mobile card games. Learn more about it on the developer's website and download it for free to try it out on the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Apple App Store!