Awesome YouTube Gaming Channel: BigTallCoolOne

It’s always great to see a gaming content creator with a diverse background. In the case of the BigTallCoolOne YouTube channel, there’s plenty of that going on. Its owner is Joseph, who is an active duty member of the US Marine Corps. He’s presently living in Okinawa, Japan, with his wife and child, but will see upcoming deployments as well. However, he is also finding time for his passion - gaming - and his new YouTube channel that will cover mainly Call of Duty games, in particular Warzone. Check out Joseph’s first video here:
As you can see, Joseph is into content creation not because of the money, but because he’s passionate about gaming. This is an amazing thing to see from someone right at the start of their new YouTube adventure. He clearly has what it takes - from his great voice and clear and smooth audio delivery to a precise gaming genre focus. Furthermore, he’s also humble in his goals - presently, he'd like to see his channel hit 500 subs in a year, which is more than doable.

To help him on this journey, follow him on Twitter and on his Twitch stream. However, before you do any of that, subscribe to his BigTallCoolOne YouTube channel!