Awesome YouTube Channel: Party Nerds

From time to time, you can be lucky enough to come across a channel with cover art that perfectly sums up what its content is all about. The Party Nerds YouTube channel is one such place - as you can see, it showcases a group of friends, done in amazing manga style, and wearing gaming costumes. The same artwork is great not just thanks to its clear high-quality artistic delivery, but also because it captures the essence of the channel as well - it's about a fun group of friends who are really into gaming, comics, anime, card games a whole lot of pop-culture.

Individually, all of them are very into gaming, as the Party Nerds introduction podcast showcases. From then on, the channel grew with more diverse content, including trailer reactions, playthroughs of new releases like Final Fantasy VII Remake, and reviews, just to name a few things. To get a feel for what they do, check out their latest video, The Weekly Run Down Ep.3 right here:
You don’t need to watch for long to see that these guys are first and foremost great friends who really enjoy what they’re doing. The channel and all of its content are organized in the best tradition of a gamer collective, where participants also have their channels but they come together to work on Party Nerds. Throughout all of that, there’s also a great sense of a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which is why the comment section shows that the channel already has a strong following.

If you’re someone like the Party Nerds, follow these very cool gamers on the Twitter and Instagram accounts. Then, head on straight to Party Nerds YouTube channel and subscribe to their podcast and much more awesome gaming content!