Awesome YouTube Channel: AugMight

When you check out cool gaming content creators, chances are that their channels will be able to quickly showcase what they’re all about. In the case of the AugMight YouTube channel, this line from its About page struck me as very true:

There are very minimal boundaries on this channel.

In this simple sentence, you can easily get a very valid intro into AugMight content and the way he presents it. Firstly, he’s clearly a lifelong gamer who is into a huge range of titles. This is why you can find videos on Call of Duty: Warzone, World War Z, Apex Legends, and Resident Evil, just to name a few. At the same time, he also does skits, reviews, vlogs, and a lot more varied content. Yet, all of these interests blend into one very fun and very recognizable form of content. Check out his recent playthrough of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
As you can see, there is so much stuff going on in this clip. From inserts of memes and viral videos (both audio and visual parts) to comic caption moments and quick zoom/edits, you can find it all in this clip. Furthermore, it’s all followed by the actual gameplay of this title (including some tough moments) and AugMight’s commentary and thoughts.

Also, you’ll immediately see that he’s both bright and funny, which he manages to combine into a cool package that sounds very relaxed and natural, but is also engaging through the roof! This form of oversaturated (in the best possible way) commentary is almost like a way of doing stand-up comedy while also making a gameplay video and AugMight has it down.

Because he is a content creator who can make gaming both hilarious to watch and interesting to observe from the gamer perspective, AugMight is not a gamer you find every day on YouTube. If you also enjoy this type of video and love to blend your fun and comedy with a bit of gaming (and vice versa), all with minimal boundaries, start following the AugMight YouTube channel as soon as possible!