Awesome Twitch Streamer: iViruSzz

Michael is the man behind the iViruSzz Twitch stream and he has a big dream. This 22-year-old from Belgium is presently a full-time bartender, but he wants to become a professional gaming streamer. To do this, he’s building up his channel which already has an impressive level of popularity - precisely 1,436 followers on Twitch. This is not by accident, as you can see in one of his recent very cool streams right here:Michele is mainly into Call of Duty games, especially Warzone, but he also plays Rainbow Six Siege. Also, even though he’s young, he’s been playing games since 2008, which adds up to a veteran-level status when it comes to gaming. As you can see on his Instagram account, he also has a serious multi-screen streaming setup.

There’s no doubt that the iViruSzz will continue to grow, so follow this content creator on Twitter for all his latest updates. Also, if you love FPS games and Warzone, in particular, follow him on Twitch as well!