Awesome Mixer Streamer: ThatManKazi5

Starting out fresh is never easy when you're coming into content creation, but this is exactly what the gamer behind ThatManKazi5 Mixer stream decided to do. He recently put up his first streams, playing mainly Apex Legends at the present. Check out his newest stream right here:
Yet, even though he is new to streaming, Kazi has a lot of things going for him. First of all, you can see that he plays at a high level, as well as that he's actively trying to improve his FPS skills - his effort and focus are visible in every stream.

Besides, it's always impressive to see a streamer come from a diverse and not necessarily gaming-exclusive background. In Kazi's case, his Instagram shows that he loves to hang out with people, party, and be generally a very social person. This is also clear from his streams. Add to this the fact that he loves to play the cello and the violin and you see that he is anything but your ordinary gamer.

If you'd like to learn more about him, check out his streams Monday to Friday, lasting 2:30 pm Central Time and 730 pm Central Time. Also, he's planning regular gift card giveaways, so be sure to keep an eye out for that out as well. Finally, check out his ThatManKazi5 Mixer stream and give him a follow right now!