Awesome Mixer Stream: EvilSteel345

Video game streaming is an activity that for many creators and gamers comes easily, as a process they would in any case. For others, like Ray from the EvilSteel345 Mixer stream, it comes as an (often demanding) part of a very dynamic life. Firstly, he recently became a dad and secondly, he’s an active member of the US military.

Because of that, his schedule is prone to changes and sometimes, his fiance, which otherwise plays with him, will jump in and stream in his place (which is an awesome thing to have in any family). However, this does not make him any less committed to his content, as this recent stream of Resident Evil 4 lasting more than 8 hours clearly shows.
When it comes to his choice of gaming titles, Ray has streams on his Mixer that cover games like World War Z, Killing Floor 2,  and 7 Days to Die. These are all intense, action-packed, and horror-leaning titles, but this does not stop him from being very cool and composed when it comes to his streaming style. Furthermore, he’s in the streaming process to have fun so he sounds very relaxed while he plays, which is also something that is very refreshing to see.

If you want to learn more about Ray, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and his Discord server. Also, before any of that, don’t forget to do the same for his EvilSteel345 Mixer stream as well!