If you were an up-and-coming streamer and you wanted to show what you’re all about, you’d be hard-pressed to do a better job than Aaron from the BarelyAboveAvg Twitch stream. In his first YouTube video, he managed to record an insane Call of Duty: Warzone clutch victory.

In a 25-minute video, what starts as a regular match that then seems to be coming to an abrupt close suddenly does a 180 and becomes an amazing piece of gaming content creation. In the video, you can see some pro-level teamwork, along with some excellent sniping kills and so much more. Check out the entire match, which included 14 kills and over 5k damage done by Aaron right here:
No one should need to be told after watching this clip that Aaron is going places as a gaming content creator. This is especially true for the hyper-popular and hyper-competitive Warzone - in this ecosystem, his rise in popularity is almost certain. However, apart from his clearly visible skills, he is mainly about the camaraderie with his friends and having a few laughs while they play together.

You can also see this as they all talk about how different toddlers in their lives are learning language and similar very genuine things that show their friendship. At the same time, the fact that Aaron struggled with addiction in his life shows just how much this process can be essential for personal healing.

Yet, along with all of the personal elements, you can also tell that he is ambitious and focused. His stream covers all of the basics of social media needed for success, so you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook fan page, and his Discord server. He'll also have his merch soon enough, which is another layer of branding useful to any streamer. Having and maintaining all of this is also a testament to his drive to succeed and that’s essential for any streamer out there.

If you too want to find out why Aaron, despite his stream’s name, is anything but slightly above average, follow his Twitch stream and subscribe to his new YouTube channel right now!