Awesome Gaming Video: Valorant Funny Moments - This Game Was Too Easy

It might sound strange, but one of the surest ways to get a hint about the quality of a YouTube channel is its thumbnails. If the thumbnail images are solid, chances are the same channel is not far off. In the case of the G Kin YouTube channel, you'll immediately see that it uses awesome fonts and really cool artwork for its thumbnails.

Here, high-quality results are clear. Also, with this channel, the quality of the content is absolutely on the same level. To showcase this, check out a compilation of funny moments from a range of matches this content creator and his friends played in Valorant. In it, you’ll be able to hear and see a range of hilarious things, including why some of them have an OnlyFans account and who made some "beautiful 4K kills". Check out the entire funny video right here:
As you can see, this gamer and his friends are goofing around in Valorant matches, but the content that came out of that is brilliant. From editing and splicing the footage with famous viral clips and images to dynamic captions and comment highlights, it’s all there. Clearly, G Kin has some serious editing and cinematic talent going for him.

Thanks to all of this, if you’re also getting into Valorant and you love to have a laugh or two while you watch gaming videos, you should immediately subscribe to the G Kin YouTube channel!