Awesome Gaming Video: Svennen Highlights # 4 πŸ‘‘ King

If you play or watch Fortnite, you know that there’s a level of simplicity and elegance to the game that is so appealing. Often, that elegance is not easy to capture, but thanks to gamers like Svennen, the same can happen. Check out his latest highlights video in which this content creator and streamer showcase a short but really impressive selection of awesome Fortnite moves, followed by some perfectly suited music as well:
You can probably tell immediately that this gamer is all-in on Fortnite, as well as being a dedicated controller user. The same is true and even though he’s just 19 - he still produces amazing content from this game's footages. Likewise, he also has a Twitch stream where he live-streams his matches.

If you’re also into Fortnite, as well as cool and elegant gaming videos, you need to keep up with Svennen on his Twitter account. But, most importantly, head to his Svennen YouTube channel, subscribe to him, and be sure to like and comment on all of his future videos!