Awesome Gaming Video: Playing the Rags to Riches as a Witch - Part 1 | The Sims 4

The thing you’ll probably notice about this particular The Sims 4 video is the very pleasant-sounding name of the channel that features it. The name is April Daydreams. But, you’ll quickly also realize that the name is perfectly chosen for this gaming content creator. Her real name is Arwa and she mainly plays this title and RPG games.

In this particular video, Arwa takes on the Rags to Riches Mega Challenge using the Spellcaster. At the start of the video, she first creates her interesting character, names her, and gets onto the quest itself. All the while, Arwa has a nice, calm, and very natural way of presenting its content, which seems to ideally suit a game like The Sims 4. Check out the first part of that right here:
If you like The Sims, you need to check out both this video and the rest of Arwa’s channel. It already has interesting videos, including Small Modern House Build With Split Level and The Weasleys' House Tour. Also, you can follow her on Twitch as well. But, before you do any of that, subscribe to her April Daydreams YouTube channel!