Awesome Gaming Video: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot | Future Saiyan Appear & Warning From The Future Part 9

The thing which quickly becomes clear from the Darkshadownight INC YouTube channel is the sheer level of determination that is behind this content. The channel is run by Silvester AKA darkshadownight and he’s a lifelong gamer, nerd, freelance photographer, cosplayer, and generally a cool person with a huge array of interests.

However, if you check out his clip of the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you’ll also see that he is very driven to create gaming content as well. This video lasts over 3 hours and it is also part 9 of an entire series. In the video, darkshadownight showcases the game, especially the numerous exciting action parts that make Kakarot so appealing to all Dragon Ball and anime fans. Check out the entire video right here:
As you can see, it’s easy to understand why darkshadownight's channel already has over 1.4k followers. Besides Dragon Ball, he’s interested in other fighting titles, but also shooters, RPGs, and racing games as well. He does Let’s Play videos like this Kakarot series, along with walkthroughs, gameplay videos, funny clips, and anything and everything in between.

Through all of this, you can see that the diverse background that he has really helps, especially his cosplaying. Check out his Instagram account to see just how active and how present he is in this community, as well as his takes on famous anime characters.

Finally, darkshadownight seems like a very pleasant and friendly person, who is clearly into all of this because of fun and friendship. This applies to many other cosplay gaming content creators, but in his case, it’s super-clear. The fact that he is a big fan of the #420 culture is also a showcase of his friendly and outgoing character.

If you’d like to check out more from this content creator, follow him on Twitter and Twitch. However, first of all, check out the Kakarot video and subscribe to his Darkshadownight INC YouTube channel right now!