Awesome Gaming Video: CSGO Clip of the Week 1 Highlights cheating rat brake No Handbrakes

When you have a new and very promising gaming channel, you don't need much to figure out that it's going to provide awesome content. In fact, when it comes to the case of this CS:GO video by the No Handbrakes Studios YouTube channel, you need less than one minute and thirty seconds. Check out this amazing montage of some excellent FPS kills, all followed by the ideally chosen track from Skillet called Back from the dead. Enjoy the entire video right here:
As you can see, the channel might be new, but the editing skills, just like the CS:GO action it showcases, are on a veteran level. The same goes for the motto of the channel, which reads "No breaks on creativity". There's no better presentation of that idea than these 85 seconds of full-throttle gaming.

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