Awesome Gaming Video: CODE NAME MARIO!!! | Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Randomizer Cagelocke Ep 03

If you’re into Pokemon as an entire franchise and an apparently endless universe of everything from comic books and toys to massive video games, you probably understand how someone could be very into it. If there could be a scale of how much anyone is into Pokemon, I believe that Chris, the content creator behind the PikabooPlayz YouTube channel, would be at its very highest end.

In fact, Chirs sees himself as a Poketuber, meaning that he is dedicated to this fictional universe and all of the gaming possibilities it offers. In this video, he and the content creator and fellow Poketuber from the Kanto Critic YouTube channel play Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire in an ongoing series. Check the entire clip right here:
There is a staggering amount of detail in this video and many of these are not even connected with the game the two of them are playing. Things like the Pokemon muffler on the microphone that Chris uses or the number of toys behind him showcase just how dedicated he is to this franchise. Furthermore, all of them tell that he’s been a huge fan for years, likely decades.

However, if I’d need to point out just one reason why every Pokemon fan should check out his channel, I’d say that it is his personality. Chris really represents the best way for anyone to cover Pokemon gaming content - he’s colorful in every way imaginable, fun to watch, and overall, presents a very upbeat and optimistic streaming approach. I believe that for anyone who is into Pokemon games, this will be a perfect combination of in-depth knowledge, franchise appreciation, and good-natured way of enjoying the same games.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram. But, before you do that, head on to the PikabooPlayz YouTube channel and subscribe to it right now!