Whenever a new game hits the market, especially in the insanely popular competitive shooter domain, many content creators flock to cover it. SPENCE TV is a YouTube channel whose owner quickly decided to get into Valorant when it came out. However, the big difference here is the fact that this gamer is extremely good at it. Check out his video featuring the highlights with the agent Jett, including both some crafty shooting an awesome demonstration of her abilities (especially the Blade Storm):
When it comes to his wider content creation background, Spence has a lot of experience in Fortnite, as his Twitch stream shows as well. Furthermore, on his channel, his first Fornite video has over 50,000 views, which should tell you that he knows his multiplayer shooters. Besides, for me, it’s also always great to see gamers who are heavily invested in one title still decide to branch out, like Spence is doing here with Valorant.

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