Awesome Gaming Stream: We are Going on the Hunt! Chill Stream by GeekyGamer

People decide to begin to create gaming content for many different reasons, which often include a complex mixture of ambition, financial opportunities, and many other things. Yet, for some, the reasons can be incredibly simple, but also totally relatable.

Jessica, the gamer behind the GeekyGamer0608 Twitch stream is one such content creation - she got into this process because she always wanted to be a streamer. Now, she can do the same thing and show off her gameplays, but also meet other gamers and have a good time with them. You can see a taste of her content in the Twitch stream of Monster Hunter World she did recently:
As you can tell, Jessica is amazingly honest and relaxed while she streams, commenting on the lag she experiences from time to time, or gaming moves that are less than stellar (which every gamer makes from time to time). All of this provides her with a very open and friendly approach to streaming, which is a breath of fresh air in the age of scripted and strung-up content creators that sooner or later become annoying. In Jessica’s case, you can easily see the honest appeal she and her content have for anyone who just wants to enjoy some chill gaming.

She plans to play a range of games (the channel presently has some Resident Evil streams on it as well) but also draw her artwork and talk with other gaming fans. If you’d like to check out more of that, follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Also, if you too enjoy a relaxed and natural style of streaming, follow her on her GeekyGamer0608 Twitch stream as soon as you can!