Awesome Gaming Content Creator: The7thSurvivor

Starting anew is never an easy process but sometimes, it’s the absolute best thing you can do. The7thSurvivor Mixer and DLive streams belong to a gaming content creator who decided to do just this - while he’s no stranger to gaming, he still decided to reimagine himself as The7thSurvivor or Dark Lion. Now, he begins a new and exciting chapter in his content creation on an equally dynamic streaming platform. Check out here his Final Fantasy VII stream with some important information about both him and the future of his stream:
There are many reasons to follow the work of The7thSurvivor. Firstly, while survival horror might be his favorite genre, he also likes many others - including action adventures, RPG, racing, and shooters, just to name a few. However, he also has one of the most developed streaming concepts I ever saw. Firstly, his steaming time starts on Mondays and goes through to Fridays.

But, he has his content broken into individual days and these differ for Mixer and DLink. So, on DLink, for Mondays, he plays Ace Combat 7, on Tuesdays his slot is filled with sports games (FIFA and NBA2K mainly), while Wednesday is for Tekken titles. On Thursday he plays horror games (including Outlast and Resident Evil as his favorite gaming series) and on Friday, he picks a random game. On Mixer, a day-to-day concept applies, but here, for example, Tuesday is for RPG titles like Final Fantasy, while Wednesday is for Playstation Classic games, and Friday is for shooters.

This is a concept that is beyond awesome - it’s simple at its core, but still something I never saw before. The same allows for a brilliant balance of his audience knowing exactly what he’ll play but also having something new every time.

This should be enough for you to follow The7th survivor on his Facebook Fan Page, but also his Twitter, Instagram, and Discord server. But, before any of that, you should join him on his Mixer and DLink stream because this is just the start of something really awesome.