Awesome Gaming Content Creator: X_BoogerSugar

Sometimes, you might find a gaming content creator and be won over by their super-intense and even aggressive personality. In the case of X_BoogerSugar and his Twitch and YouTube channels, however, something quite different and very refreshing is in play. In this instance, the thing that will win you over is his incredibly relaxed and chill style of content creation, followed by some amazing and high-octane gaming action.

This gamer, who recently got into content creation, might be new to streaming platforms, but he’s definitely not new to gaming, especially when it comes to FPS titles. If you'd like to get a nice and quick insight into X_BoogerSugar skills and streaming style, check out his YouTube channel trailer featuring some awesome clips from Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone right here:
Presently, X_BoogerSugar is mainly about these massive competitive shooters and you can immediately tell he’s really good at them. This especially goes for Warzone, which is a pretty versatile title and also a brand new one - X_BoogerSugar already got it down. I’m sure that the same will go for any title he tries out, or his upcoming YouTube gaming tutorials, all the while providing his trademark laid-back coolness.

If you like to learn more about this content creator, follow him on Twitter and join his Discord server. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow his X_BoogerSugar Twitch stream as well!