Awesome Gaming Content Creator: Floogal Minecraft

If you think you saw everything that any content creator can make in Minecraft, you’re dead wrong. To prove my point, check out the new video from Floogal Minecraft YouTube channel. In it, you’ll see an entire, custom-made, top-to-bottom-created Deal or No Deal sequence in the same game, accompanied by a script that includes more than one robot reader voices. The final result is hilarious and strange in the best possible way, so check out the entire video right here:
As you can see, Floogal might have only recently started making gaming content, but he really does have a unique perspective on Minecraft. At the same time, he’s planning to do a voice reveal at 100 subs, which is also a great option for anyone determined to see their channel grow.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that Floogal is a distinctive new addition to the Minecraft gaming content domain and for good reason. Besides YouTube, you can also follow him on Twitch, and if you like his content, consider supporting him on Patreon and Streamlabs. Finally, before you do any of that, subscribe to this YouTube channel and let us all find out how his Floogal voice sounds!