Watchlotto - Top Three Tips to win Limited Edition Watches!

If you're into amazing hand watches and you love a good challenge of skills, you'll find the perfect location at! Here, you can see these two interests blend into a perfect combination for every wristwatch aficionado out there. The website offers a chance to play a game of "spot the ball" and with it, win some amazing watches, but also immerse yourself into the fascinating world of this essential men's accessory.

Playing Watch Lotto is exceedingly easy. First, you get your tickets and select a watch you want, picking one among over 40 different marvelous models. You can put up to 150 tickets on it, after which you need to play "spot the ball" challenge using each of the tickets you bought. Being this is a game of skill, you'll need to figure out where the ball should be located on any given photo. Once you do, the competition is then judged - the closest chosen position to the actual ball wins their watch.
If you're interested in this setup, here are the three essential tips that everyone should be using to increase their chances of a win:

1. Get friends to help and discuss the image with them - more than one pair of eyes will spot the correct ball position with more precision.

2. Using lines to mark the position where the players are looking at - a simple process where you put the photo in an image editor and draw straight lines from where the athletes in the photo appear to be looking.

3. Set a consistent monthly budget to get more accustomed to the game and thus increase the chances of winning - this is a simple tip, but consistency is often the key element in life and Watchlotto is no different.

With these tips, you’d be a lot more likely to hit the right position, but also win your dream watch. To get your first ticket, head on to Watchlotto and see if you have what it takes to win!