Valorant might be Coming to Mobile Devices!

Riot Games' Valorant is presently the hottest new arrival to the ever-competitive (in every sense) multiplayer FPS domain. This team shooter recently began its closed beta phase and there is a literal mania of individuals and esports teams trying to get into the game and start playing it. However, interestingly enough, there is also some information showing that the veteran developers at Riot might be working on a parallel version of Valoran for mobile devices.

Is Valtorant coming to Mobile Devices?

First of all, chances are that the story is just a rumor. A similar sone was around the previous big release of Apex Legends which was also destined, or may thought so, to get its mobile version. A year later, Apex is still not anywhere near a mobile port.

Yet, in this case, the story began when a user on Reddit by the name of u/Spacixr apparently found assets that seem to showcase a mobile touchscreen design for the in-game UI. As you can see in the image below, the screen is loaded with icons and options, but it could work for larger screen phones and especially tablets.

Later on, this story got some additional traction as some players found icons for mobile controls and shared them on Twitter. Now, while Riot remains tight-lipped on all of this, there is a body of evidence that is pointing towards a Valorant mobile device version - it might not come out anytime soon, but someone was or is working on it for sure. Until further news on this front, follow or even try to play Valorant on its official Riot page!