The Ultimate PUBG Mobile Sniping Tips - 2020 Edition!

Welcome to the Ultimate PUBG Mobile sniping tips for the year 2020! In so many shooter games, including PUBG Mobile, the art and craft of sniping is essential for any successful player. With a good rifle and a solid scope, a player can make sure their opponents know they are somewhere around only when they take a fatal hit. In fact, many chicken dinners have been won exclusively through the use of well-timed sniping that devastated other players one by one.

Yet, sniping is not as easy as some might like to believe. In 2020, this is more true than ever thanks to the huge number of players who are trying out different sniping strategies. However, there are still some key elements of using snipers in PUBG Mobile that can be a true game-changer for all who use them consistently. Here are the most important elements to sniping in this amazing battle royale game.

How to find a Sniper in PUBG Mobile

To use a sniper a player first has to get one. These weapons are rare in the game, so it is best to land at one of the places that have the highest chance of holding a sniper rifle. There are four such places: Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base, Prison, and Novorepnoye. Of course, most veteran players know this as well, so be careful to drop on the outskirt of these locations and slowly and carefully make your way in. Here, the Kar98K is the most frequent rifle you can get, but also the weakest one. Better options are M24 and AWM, as well as the M249 and an MK14 DMR. However, make the best use of whatever you might get.

Getting into the Firing Position

Because snipers come with plenty of damage, you should always consider your shot before you actually make one. This includes being in a lying position and behind easily accessible cover like a car or a tree. Furthermore, you should always use elevation for your benefit and thus shoot down towards opponents, not up. This includes employing both natural terrain and buildings - remember, snipers are always on high positions in the real world as well. Ideally, you can find the very rare Ghillie Suit, but even without it, always consider that you will be targeted after you continue shooting. That is why it's better to find a good firing position both for cover and disengagement if needed - this would mean being on a ridge for example from which you can easily slip back out of the direct line of sight of the enemies.

PUBG Mobile Sniper Bullet Drop

This is the hardest element of sniping in the game and one which only a few master - you bullet drops after you fire it, just like in the real world. Compensating for that drop includes using the scope marketings - each notch away from the center of the scope represents a length of distance more and one notch you should raise up your crosshair. This means elevating the shot more and more as the target is farther and farther away. At some point, you will be literally aiming above the heads of the enemies, knowing that the bullet would end up there if you calculate the distance right. That's one counterintuitive sniping tip for PUBG Mobile, but without it, scoring long-distance shots will be almost impossible.

With these ultimate PUBG Mobile sniping tips, you will be able to find the best snipers and use them to the greatest advantage. In other words, use these ideas and snipe your way to many future chicken dinners!