Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon Review

Creating a fantasy game with a unique twist is not an easy task. The same task is made even harder if you want to make a hyper-casual title that anyone can pick up in minutes. However, this is precisely what the Black Furnace Games team decided to do with their Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon project. This game began its life in the minds of two brothers, Michael and Matthew DeAngelo.

They previously made a tabletop game project called Quantum Quest, but for this one, they ventured into the video game domain. They soon created a successful Kickstarter campaign for the game and then set to work. Now, the game is out on Kongregate and it offers a really unique gaming experience that will have fans in at least two groups of players.

Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon Mechanics and Gameplay

In its essence, the game is a monster merger where you discover creatures and blend them into new and more powerful ones, which you then use against your opponents. In the game's story, the players take control of an assistant to a lord of a dungeon and the process of creating its army of slimy and creepy defenders (followed by much more powerful creatures). Besides the merging part, the game also possesses an Arena, where the players set off against would-be invaders and adventures, giving an additional nice twist to the regular fantasy tropes.
The mechanics of the game blend together exceedingly well. While the Arena part of the game might have some issues when it comes to clarity and navigation in its sidebar, the concept is rock-solid. This also applies to the way the game uses its visual assets, many of which (especially the enemy explorers and adventures) are very nice and done in a classical fantasy manner worthy of 1970s book covers.
With some UI and clarity tweaks, the game has a great chance of becoming a favorite for both RPG and fantasy fans, but also merge and clicker players as well.


While Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon is still under testing and development, which is why it will see improvements in the coming weeks and months, it is still a title all who love fantasy and merge games must check out. Try out the game for free on Kongregate!