Hot on Android: Hitman GO is Temporary Free on Google Play!

A few years back, Square Enix made a small mobile/cross-platform gaming revolution with its GO title series. These games are based on their well-known franchises covering Lara Croft, Hitman and Deus Ex, but provide a simplified gameplay mechanic. Yet, the same simplification did not rob the games of any engagement or fun - instead, it produced a hit series that allowed many fans to enjoy their favorite characters in brand new games.

Basically a board game, Hitman GO is also like this - in the title, the players are faced with a series of challenges similar to a puzzle. As they play, the levels become more demanding so they need to use different disguised, distractions as well as a range of weapons.

From the smart game design to the very appealing, figure-like graphics and many other small and big elements, Square Enix definitely knocked it out of the park with Hitman GO. Now, this game that usually costs $6.99 is temporarily free, so head to its Google Play page and get it before the promotion ends!