Chanda Games - Ideal Selection of Free Android Games for the Being Stuck at Home!

With an ever-growing number of individuals across the world entering a state of quarantine, having access to some exciting games has never been more important. If you’re an Android gamer, you probably spent previous days or even weeks looking for games just like that. That is why you probably know that good titles are not easy to find, especially if you like a variety of genres. Fortunately, there is a place on Google Play that offers an amazing selection of titles that will fit everyone’s needs and it is called Chanda Games!

With 10 varied games, the Chanda development team created a really impressive mix of genres and approaches. No matter if you like action, puzzle, racing or even artillery games, this Google Play page has it all. Here is an overview of individual titles and what they offer.

Traffic Rider - a thrilling first-person motorcycle driving simulation with some astounding 3D graphics. Add to that a choice of different bikes and you have a game for all aficionados of racing.

Tank Shooter - a minimalist shooter in the great tradition of classic games like the eternal hit Missile Command.

Save car - top-down racing arcade with a simple premise, but a high level of challenge. Ideal for anyone looking to get some casual racing thrills.

Rosso Move The Block - puzzle game that resides on the concept of moving mutually influencing 2D blocks. It features clean graphics and an instant addictiveness for puzzle fans.

Mini Golf - game of golf played on mini courses that will provide a ton of fun to all who enjoy the challenge of getting that ball into that first hole as quickly as possible.

Link The Dots - Similar to Rosso Move the Block, this title also uses a classic puzzle challenge to make a very engaging game.

Draw Lines - a game of physics where you need to get the ball to the basketball hoop using a drawing line mechanic. Simple but instantly appealing.

Color Slice - thrilling arcade game that offers access to immediate action of slicing balls of color. Add to that are combos and many more things and the fun is there immediately.

Balloon Rise - beautifully designed game where you navigate a simple balloon across the blue skies. Rewarding and relaxing.

Archery - a spin on the artillery genre, you control a female archer as she works on overcoming every challenge using her trusted bow, but also some precision trajectory and power assessment.

10 wonderful games, 10 opportunities to find one that is just right for you. Check out the selection and choose one or more of these titles to help you invest time in some quality gaming during the long quarantine days ahead!