Awesome YouTube Channel: Docimus

Finding success as a gaming content creator is all about figuring out what you’re good at. This is often harder than it sounds, but for the Docimus YouTube channel, the same idea has a crystal-clear answer: humor. This versatile content creator has been around for less than a year, but he already has a set pathway for this content, which is gaming and humor, all wrapped into one. Check out his latest Let’s Play of a serious sci-fi horror game We Went Back and see a sample of his approach in action:
As you can see, Docimus combines intensive editing, audio production and a huge range of jokes, coming in quick succession. I also very much appreciate the mixture of deadpan spoofs on horror tropes, almost full stand-up comedy segments and actual criticism of the gameplay and its mechanism, storyline and so forth. Furthermore, you can see that this clip, like all of his work, clearly includes plenty of time and effort that have been invested there.

So far, he’s been mainly playing horror titles like The Forest, but you can see how his approach would work on many other, mainly single-player games. Hopefully, he branches out as his channel continues to grow. At the same time, Docimus is also super-thorough about his social media footprint, so you can find him on a range of platforms. These include his Discord server, Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as his very own subreddit. Besides that, you can also find him on Twitch.

So, if you’d like to check out more of a rising comedic force in gaming, especially the horror genre, follow him on all of these platforms, but most importantly, subscribe to his YouTube channel!