Awesome Twitch Stream: TrillvXn

You rarely come across a gaming content creator that can be called a powerhouse, besides the mega-popular household names like Myth or Shroud. However, this is exactly what TrillvXn Twitch stream presents - a growing powerhouse of gaming and many associated elements as well. Its owner, TrillvXn, is a long-time gamer and a variety stream who began his gaming adventure when he was just 9. Back then, his gaming tool of choice was Nintendo 64 he played with his big brother, but now, his passion and pastime grew into a full-time job.

As a professional gamer, TrillvXn is mainly into PVP games, especially first-person shooters, as well as RPG titles. While gaming, he’s always up for talking sports or joking around, giving his content a friendly atmosphere. Besides exploring new games with his Twitch and YouTube audience, he also loves to showcase game rules and tactics that can help others with their own gaming challenges. In fact, helping others is one of the main focus points of his content. He’s also the sole force behind his filming and editing, showing that he’s a full-stack content creator.

Besides all of this, as you can see, TrillvXn also operates his own website. There, on its Shop page, he also has his online clothing store. When he’s not streaming he is creating clothing items like T-Shirts and placing them there. Check out some of them if you’re into some unique neon designs.

Throughout all of this, TrillvXn finds the ultimate inspiration in his daughter A'Niyah. This is the reason why he keeps pushing his content and giving it all he has, which is something nearly 1,700 followers on Twitch clearly appreciate. If you’d like to join them, check out his Facebook fan page, subscribe to his YouTube channel and of course, follow him on his TrillvXn Twitch stream as well!