Awesome Twitch Stream: mikey_hbf

If you check out mikey_hbf Twitch stream, you’ll immediately see that the content creator behind it is into a wide range of games. Presently, all of his content is divided between two very different games. The first one is the multiplayer, competitive sports title NBA 2K20 while the other one is the fantastic, narrative-driven single-player title The Last of Us. For me, this is a good showcase of an up-and-coming content creator who is first and foremost into gaming, whatever shape it might take.

When it comes to mikey_hbf style of streaming, it is chilled above all else. As he plays with his friends, he seems very relaxed and natural, which is not something you often see with content creators who are just starting out. This is also one of the key reasons why he already has nearly 300 followers on Twitch.

If you’re into NBA 2K20 and you like your gaming content presented in a fun and tranquil manner, you should follow this content creator on his Instagram profile of Snapchat under MICKEY0996. Also, his stream includes regular giveaways of PSN and Xbox gift cards, so follow him on his mikey_hbf Twitch channel as well!