Awesome Twitch Stream: F3ARDARKGALAXY

To be a good content creator, just like with anything else, you need to get into gaming and video editing as soon as possible. In the case of the F3ARDARKGALAXY Twitch stream, its content creator really went above and beyond when it comes to this. His name is Haji and he is only a 15-year-old, but he’s already well into his content creator career. It’s enough to check out his first-ever YouTube gaming montage and you’ll see that he has what it takes to go big in the world of gaming content creation.
Right now, Haji is mainly into Fortnite and this is the game in which he creates his streams and videos. However, we also play all kinds of other titles and with all of them, he enjoys getting in touch with other games. The same openness to other gamers and fans is something that the gaming domain needs a lot more these days.

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