Awesome Twitch Stream: Come play with me! by velezj1998

The velezj1998 Twitch stream, like the content creator behind it, has a lot of good things going for it. Firstly, this creator is a 22-year-old but already has a lot of diverse life experiences. He's presently a full-time student of Accounting and Finance, but prior to this, he was a part of the US Marine Corps, as his Instagram shows. But, besides all of this, he's also very seriously into League of Legends which is his main gaming and content creation focus. Check out the velezj1998 skills and streaming style in one of his recent broadcasts:
As soon as you get to watch it, you’ll also see another important fact about him: he’s entertaining as hell. During the matches, he makes jokes, throws out a range of hilarious phrases and reacts to things almost like a shock DJ back in the day. This is incredibly fun to watch even if you’re not a huge fan of LoL. If you are, you’ll likely be hooked instantly. Naturally, velezj1998 is also interested in other games like Outlast 2, so you can expect other content from him as well.

Besides all of this, there is one more important thing about his content - his stream is LGBTQ friendly. Today, more than ever, it is essential to see gaming content creators showcase this fact clearly and immediately and thus put a stop to any chance for hate or bigotry. I’d love to see more gamers do the same, especially if they think that this is somehow implied already - even if it is, it still should be said loud and clear.

If you’re into LoL and you love your gaming content done in a super-entertaining way, you need to follow this gamer on Twitter, YouTube, and his Facebook group. Lastly, don’t forget to follow his awesome velezj1998 Twitch stream right now!