Awesome Mixer Stream: Tyker_RL

The Tyker_RL Mixer stream is a relative newcomer to this gaming content platform. However, the man behind it is anything but stranger to gaming. His name is Tyler and he's been a lifelong gamer and nerd. If you're one as well you can immediately see this in his content.

Tyler was so far mainly into Rocket League, which is a pretty niche game and relatively narrow competitive domain. Yet, even though it is new to content creation, he already has a well-defined presence on a platform that will only continue to grow, just like his stream. The fact that he's also a long-time CS:GO player and someone who dabbled in Modern Warfare makes him an ideal candidate for shooters. Presently, there's no better new game for that than Valorant. This is why Tyler already has a number of streams from this up-and-coming title.

Besides all of this, Tyler is also a husband and father. That, along with the same variety of life experiences (especially from the nerd domain) are clearly seen in his content - the way he covers Valoran for example is a great option to check out for anyone just starting to play the game. He’s also working as a SysAdmin, so he knows his IT stuff as well (like many lifelong nerds do). This particular background is seen in the way he unravels the game, occasionally comparing Valorant to Counter Strike and Overwatch from a very technical standpoint. This is great for providing both insight into the game, but also some dynamic videos of the actual gameplay.

If all of this sounds like something that might interest you, check out him on his social media accounts. These are his Facebook fan page and his Twitter. Also, you can join his growing community on his Tyker_RL Discord server. Finally, don't’ forget to check out his Tyker_RL and help him grow further on Mixer!