Awesome Gaming Video: Minecraft MCEternal But With The Viewers

YouTube community of gaming content creators featuring Minecraft is huge - because of that, it is very easy to stand up among the crowd, especially if you have a relatively new channel. However, this is not the case for Noah and his Nomi YouTube channel. His gaming focus is all about Minecraft, but which is heavily connected to all manner of jokes and memes, all wrapped into it. His latest video is exploring the modpack MC Eternal with his viewers. Immediately as the video begins, so does the gaming madness of his comments, fast cuts, and spoof edits, all the while as he continues exporting MCEternal as well. Check out the entire video right here:
As you can see, Noah is already a well-known content creator in the Minecraft community, in spite of his young age. When it comes to his style of content creation, his Instagram account is a good hint to his particular approach and brand of humor. Through an overkill of memes of all kinds, you can see what a lot of his channel is all about. In fact, his most popular video on YouTube, currently at over 46k views, is basically a meme into itself. Also, if you don’t play Minecraft, it’s OK not to get what the hell is going on in it.

Besides YouTube, Noah also has a Twitch stream with a huge presence there. With over 23k followers, there should be no doubt that he can entertain the hell of his viewers, especially if they’re into Minecraft. So, for more of Noah’s type of gaming insanity, check out his Discord server, follow him on Twitch, but more importantly, subscribe to his Nomi YouTube channel right now!