Awesome Gaming Video: MAINLY WARZONE 4.0

There's always a range of ways to tell that a content creator is truly dedicated to the work they are pushing out. In the case of the TXO UNDEADHERO YouTube channel, you can see this dedication immediately in an amazing intro sequence. While many creators don't even bother to make one, here, however, it's a complex 3D animation, followed by its music track and even a full channel's motto, which simply states "Unleash the Freak".

If you check out this Warzone kill montage, you can see that it completely fits. In it, complemented greatly by tracks from Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead, TXO UNDEADHERO does unleash the freak with some amazing scoped kills. These include both long-range ones you're probably expecting, but also some super close-quarter ones as well (but also other weapons too). Enjoy these four minutes of awesomeness in the clip below:
As you can see at the end of the clip, TXO UNDEADHERO has even a sense of cinematic editing he brings to his clips. Of course, it is no surprise that he has plenty of other content on his YouTube channel as well, even though you can see that he is presently focusing on Call of Duty: Warzone above anything else.

Besides YouTube, he has an active Twitter account, as well as a stream on the Mixer platform. I'm betting that with this level of commitment and talent, both in the games themselves and in video editing, all of these will see a continued rise in popularity. So, follow this gaming content creator on all of these places, but first and foremost, subscribe to his TXO UNDEADHERO YouTube channel!